Wildgeese 1983 CD Re-Release

wildgeese_cover_300x300A spark in the life of music in Portland, Oregon has been found and fanned in the restoration of the 1983 recording, Wildgeese: Celtic Music of the Northwest, produced by Mícheál Ó Dohmnaill and engineered by Michael O’Rourke at Grass Roots studio. Band members of Wildgeese are faceted in the institutional history of Portland’s folk music scene and together created a buzz of evocative music, ecstatic dancing and a deep community that remains intact to this day.

We’d like to thank the folks who responded and contributed to the Wildgeese GoFundMe to  raise the funds needed to remaster the original recording and make it available – CD re-release date is set for February 1, 2015. You will be able to order the CD and downloads at cdbaby.com.

Sincere thanks go to Sunny Rossi, Mary Anne Hannibal, Caroline O’Brien, Al & Melissa Josephy, Mary Power-Hall, Steve Grimsrud, Kaye Exo, Gail Foster, Melany Berry, Anonymous, Ken & Lori Einhorn, Rob Einhorn, Edgar & Bobbie Einhorn, Jacqueline Magerl, Peggy O’Neill, Jane Keefer, Mira Leslie, Susan Power Dalton, Fred Shipley, Fay Malloy, Laurel Fichman, Deborah Medenbach, Gina Beinecke, and Jose Sponberg. Wildgeese thanks you for your generous support and contributions to make this release possible. We are deeply grateful.

Read more and follow us on the new Wildgeese blog for updates, lyrics, anecdotes and more! If you remember these days and musical moments in Portland, we invite you to contribute your comments, stories, pictures and music to this ‘live’ blog.

Thanks for visiting and reading about Wildgeese: Celtic Music of the Northwest and the unfolding adventure to re-release this beautiful recording. We hope you will join us!

Stay tuned…

One thought on “Wildgeese 1983 CD Re-Release

  1. 1983 was a special time in Portland. As a young potter just discovering fiddle music I became enamored with Celtic fiddling and was amazed at the Irish fiddle players that were performing in Portland and the NW at that time. It was special to meet the local players that took to Irish music with a serious approach forming bands performing, recording and making good music. Like music from Wildgeese. Special time, special place and special people. A real honor to have been hanging with some of them at that time. Best wishes to all of you… Roland White the Potter, Fiddler, lifetime Artist.


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