Past Present Perfect

Kate and Steve will perform a set to include Paddy’s Lament at Tony Moylan’s tribute KAM concert in Kinvarra, County Galway, Ireland on May 28, 2017 – along with a host of very special guests. See the video here.

Kate originally learned Paddy’s Lament in 1983 from the “Purple Album” by Paul Brady and Andy Irvine while singing in Wildgeese. The traditional song stems from the immigration of the Irish to America during the Civil War from the perspective of the immigrant.

Paddy’s Lament – on just released Portland Romance, Kate Power & Steve Einhorn – and took the Livies Award for Vocal Cut of the Year 2017 from LiveIreland radio in Dublin, Ireland and lauded for revolutionizing the song.

Many thanks to House Party, Bill & Imelda’s weekly radio show, Chicago’s WCDB channel and LiveIreland in Dublin, Ireland.

Paddy’s Lament was recorded at Big Red Studio for the new album, Portland Romance – Kate Power & Steve Einhorn. A recent video can be viewed here.

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