Bill Bulick, Celebration of Life

Flute and whistle player from Wildgeese, Bill Bulick, died peacefully on March 15, 2018 after a ten-year struggle with Parkinson’s. An epic celebration of his deeply effective and wide-ranging life in the arts will be held at Reed College Performing Arts Building on Saturday, August 4, 2018. Vignettes, dances, performances, and videos of Bill’s life will revolve around special performances by celebrated Oregon artists befriended by Bill during their emergence into the local, national and world stage with his support for artistic work through grants, subsidies and personal support. Each artist will honor Bill’s memory in expressions of music, dance, QiGong, and puppetry. Music will be played freely among friends and musicians in a festive outdoor setting on the grounds to follow the tribute program inside the Performing Arts Center at 3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland at 11am. Practitioners of QiGong are invited early to practice in the beautiful windowed, shoeless dance room set aside for QiGong on the second floor in Bill’s honor. Elevators and ADA accessible.

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