The Tunes & Songs

bio_wildgeese_front cd
The Playlist

  1. Planxty Charles O’Conner/Kitty’s Wedding/Sonny Brogan’s (jigs)
  2. I Wish My Love Was a Red, Red Rose
  3. Star Above the Garter/Saint Patrick’s Day (jigs)
  4. Anach Cuain/The Blacksmith (air/song)
  5. The Bush in Bloom/Maud Miller/Russ’ Favorite/John in the Fog (reels)
  6. Bridget O’Malley
  7. Ryan’s/Scotch Mary/Sweeney’s Dream (reels)
  8. Undressed Melody
  9. Mist Covered Mountain/Monaghan’s Jig (march/jig)
  10. Verdant Braes of Screen
  11. Wheels of the World/Maid in the Cherry Tree/Speed the Plow (reels)

BILL BULICK, flutes, whistles
KATE POWER, vocals, harmonium, percussion, banjo
JIM CHAPMAN, bouzouki, whistles, harmonium
BARRY CRANNELL, guitar, mandolin

scan0003Wildgeese: Celtic Music of the Northwest
All Rights Reserved ©2007. BMI/Kátidoo 2014
Originally recorded in 1983 at Grass Roots Music, Portland, Oregon
Produced by Michéal O’Domhnail. Engineered by Michael O’Rourke
Restoration mastered 2014 by Chris Glanister,

All traditional material except Undressed Melody by Kate Power©1981/BMI Kátidoo

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